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Chili con carne

Chilli Pods, Flakes, Powders and Spices

We sell the hottest Dried Chilli Pods in the world, inlcuding the Trinidad Scorpian Butch T, which is rated at 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). We have professionally dried our pods to ensure the best quality product is passed onto our customers. Our pods still retain the heat, flavour and goodness of the fresh pods.

Dried chillies are fantastic to have in the kitchen. As they dry, they develop deep rich flavours that are just not there in the fresh fruit.  They retain all the heat so they can be 10 times hotter than the fresh chilli when compared by weight. Plus they are always on hand.

Our powders and flakes pack a punch, inlcuding a powder than is no less than 16 Million SHU - you cant get anything hotter!  If you'd like to enhance your Chilli Con Carne or your chicken wings, then our Spices / Blends page is for you.  If you're a true Chilli Head, and cant cope without a bit of heat on your food, then our Salt / Pepper products may be just fo you.  They're sure to enhance any meal!

And of course, for those who really like to test themselves with heat, take a look at our Extreme Spices page, are you brave enough?!