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Health Benefits Of Chilli

Chilli health benefits


As the weather gets colder more and more of us will come down with a cold or flu.  But did you know that food such as chillies can help protect us from common winter conditions? So spice up your life and help beat the cold with hot ingredients like chillies.
Two hundred scientific tests on chillies are currently underway, looking at the effects of eating it and looking at the active ingredient of capsaicin separately as a treatment, often in the form of a cream. Chilli Muscle Rub.
Dr Ann Walker, described as an expert in human nutrition from Reading University is also quoted as confirming the use of chillies in a cream for back conditions and the evidence available of their efficacy in treating certain skin conditions.  Chillies are also thought to trigger the release of 'feel good' endorphins which lift the spirits. Chillies have long been used as part of traditional remedies, probably first by the Aztecs. In Russia, a drink called Nastoyka (made from chillies soaked in vodka) has also been used as a traditional remedy.
As the Daily Express editorial concludes, it is very nice when something so tasty may also be good for you!

Cayenne / Chilli Peppers / hot peppers / Aji / Chiles / Chili these are names used alternatively for Capsicum. Chilli peppers are the fruit of the plant Capsicum that forms part of the nightshade family (Solanaceae). It is a substance called Capsaicin that causes the heat in chillies and is a flavourless, odourless chemical concentrated in the veins of chillies.
Cultivated for thousands of years in the tropical Americas, Africa and India, Chilli Pepper is used as a catalyst in many herbal combinations.  Because chilli makes you sweat, it has been used in herbal combinations. When you eat something hot like a chilli, your nose runs and you sweat.  Chilli Peppers contain capsaicin, the source of the heat in hot peppers. Capsaicin and substances that contain it are among the most studied of substances in medical, pharmaceutical, and nutrition research.
Herbal tinctures (extracts) are a highly effective way to administer herbs. They are very concentrated; they work faster than and are four to eight times stronger than capsules. Extracts are easily digestible and quickly assimilate into the system.
Chilli Pepper products should always be taken in a liquid or as a sweet. Part of the effect of chilli is released through the chilli in the mouth as you drink it in a warm liquid, water, broth, tea or straight under or on the tongue or as a sweet. As well as this when you drink the chilli remedy the stomach has time to prepare itself for the hot pepper and it coats itself to prepare to receive something hot.

Note that we (The Chilli Pepper Company) or the manufacturers of any of our products accept no liability for any injury, loss, discomfort, etc., arising from the use of any product supplied. You are strongly advised to seek the advice of your Doctor before using any of our products if you are presently taking any medication or if you are in any doubt concerning their use for your condition.