More Information

More Information

For more information, please ring the Alzheimer’s Society’s National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122 or our local Alzheimer’s Society Central and West Lancashire Office on 01772 788700.

The services available in Central and West Lancashire are not open just to people with a newly confirmed diagnosis of dementia. If your diagnosis was at any time in the past, you can still access services by ringing our local Alzheimer’s Society Central and West Lancashire Office on 01772 788700.

There is also a great deal of information – and misinformation – about dementia available on the internet. We would suggest that you obtain your information from authoritative sources and we list below some organisations from which you can get good information on a range of topics.


ALZHEIMER’S SOCIETY        website:

And see in particular: – as a starting point for information – and online support and discussion forum for anyone affected by dementia.



Age Concern Central Lancashire provides a wide range of quality services for older people within the boundaries of Central Lancashire to meet the needs identified by older people and their carers. Their aim is to promote the well-being of older people and help make life a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


AGE UK     website:

Age UK includes dementia in its brief to improve later life for everyone through information, advice and other activities


AT DEMENTIA                Website:

At Dementia provides information on assistive technology for people with dementia.


BENEFIT ENQUIRY LINE           Website:

BEL provides advice and information on the benefits you can claim if you are disabled or if you are a carer.


CARERS UK    Website:

Carers UK provides information and advice about caring, together with practical and emotional support for carers


DEMENTIA UK   website:

Dementia UK provides Admiral Nurses – mental health nurses specialising in dementia care.


There are also the two important central portals for government and health information:

GOV.UK     Website:

NHS Choices    Website